Rise to it

All that style all going to waste
All that beauty, but you never show your face
I'm gonna make my way to you, knock down your door and walk on through
I'm impatient, times a wastin', girl, if you give me an occasion
I'm gonna rise to it, you know i really can do it
I'm gonna rise, i'm gonna rise, i'm gonna rise to it
When you're lying next to me, baby, i can guarantee, i'm gonna rise to it

I'll give you fever, i'll give you chills
Make you a believer, ooh, i'm gonna break your will
A little danger, a little fun, we're gonna take 'em one by one
Walk the wire of desire, and if you dare to take it higher


Get up, lights, camera, action, it's getting time for the show
Tonight you're the main attraction
And if you want a lover who can play the other role, i'm gonna, i'm gonna

[Chorus repeats]

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