CD tribute

Flaming youth - A norwegian tribute to kiss

Six covered kiss songs

Ssik - Dressed to kill

Kiss of death

Kisses from the past - A tribute to kiss

French kissin` - Montreal salutes the hottest band in the land

Dressed to kill - An independent tribute to kiss

Spacewalk - A salute to Ace Frehley and kiss

Pucker up - A canadian motorcity tribute to the hottest band in the land

Naniva rock citê

Kissin´ time - A tribute to kiss

Carnival of souls - A french tribute to kiss

Kyss - Alive - Live at the hard rock cafe stockholm

Kissuco - Kissuco I - 1997

Kiss of thunder - Live at cosmoz hall

Kiss covered scandinavia

How to rock fans & influence people - An australian tribute to kiss

Gritalo fuerte

Destroyer - Tribute to kiss

Return of the comet - A Tribute to Ace Frehley

Kaol - Music from the folder

Kaol 2 - Creatures of the net

A dance orgasm

Shock - Dressed to kiss

Jigoku no shosan - Kiss tribute in japan

Hard to belive - A kiss covers compilation

Kaol - Music from the folder ´99

Kiss of death - A ssik tribute to kiss

Sweet pain - Kiss un-covered

The soul lives in berlin - French kisses tribute vol.1

Kiss dynasty - Revival

Kiss deutschland - A tribute to kiss

Unmasked - Smashes, mega crashes, making splashen, love themes and other shit from kiss

Kissuco - Kissuco II - 1998/2000

Kaol - A world without heroes

Dr love tribute band

Sweet pain - Kiss ém all

Lester - Starring in "learning to kiss"


Kaol 3 - The spirit of ´78

Parasite - A tribute to kiss

Unmasked - Demoing the kuts

Kisz tribute band bogota - Klassic hits

Parasite - Another tribute to kiss

Kiss liberec - Casino unplugged

Kiss liberec - Casino alive

Adam West/Mary Slim - Kiss this

Unpainted - A tribute to kiss

Kisstory - Great expectations

Kiss revival

Electric circus - alive 2001

Kiss this - A main man records tribute to kiss

Hayseed dixie - Kiss my grass: A hillbilly tribute to kiss

A tribute to the creatures of the night

Undressed - An unmasked tribute to kiss

Kiss forever band - Plug it out!

Knights in satan´s service - An electro tribute to kiss

Italians kiss better - An italian tribute to kiss

Covered with kisses - An evansville tribute to kiss

Mars attack - Rehearsals

The string quartet tribute to kiss

Spinn the bottle - An all-stars tribute to kiss

Sack trick - Sheep in kiss make-up

Kiss army sweden - MP3 tribute to kiss

Cover to cover - A semi tribute to kiss

Mars attack - Covers de kiss

Gods of thunder - Norwegian tribute to kiss

Christine sixteen - A high-school tribute to kiss

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