CD bootleg

Love guns

Monster of rock

A crazy night with kiss

Houston 1977

Hot lichs

Guns n´ kisses I

Detroit 1984

Cold gin

Guns n´ kisses II

Rare songs vol. II from fancy fair album

Masked marauders

Kiss unauthorised live vol 2

Kiss: Made in U.S.A.

Kiss: Knights in satanic service?

Kiss+Ace Frehley, back in the New York clubs

Featuring Ace Frehley live in USA

Evil ways (You bet !)

Peter, Gene, Paul & Ace

Death kiss

Sao paulo from the mixing desk 1994

Paul Stanley, heaven´s on fire

Kissin´ time in san francisco

Kiss in australia

Kiss are sweeter than wine



Rockin´ in chile

Return to casablanca III

Destroyer demos

Kiss and Ace demos

A sweet revenge

Acoustic kisses I

Acoustic kisses II

The bad boys of kiss

Die hard

Rock ´n roll in globe arena

H.I.T.S. at the pony

Your hausen is my hausen

The best of the solo albums

From outher space

Donington 96

Blood fire and glory

The return of kiss

Lost kisses

Kiss my ass alive worldwide 1997

Carnival of souls

Kissin´ stockholm 1996

Kissin´ gothenburg 1996


A rock and roll all night

Ace Frehley - Into the vault

Gods ´n monsters

Last kiss


Second coming

Plugged in australia

Gods of thunder down under

Destroys anaheim

Buenos aires in flame

Beunos noches


NY steel

Milwaukee soldiers

Jersey 88

Ace Frehley - Just for fun in japan

Kiss in your face

First kiss first licks

Alive 35 - Stockholm, sweden 2008

In concert

The greatest show on earth

In your face

The kiss wet wild rokin´ kruise

Buenos aires freak show

10th anniversary tour

Raised by the demons

Ace Frehley - ET

Alive V

Burning Stockholm

Crazy lovemaker

Demos from the attic

Destroy the U.K

Destruction accross america

Donington 96

Feel like heaven

First kiss, last licks unreleased kisses

Kings of the nighttime 1976-1977

Kiss: Hottest band on earth

Kissing in the pink

The scandinavian collection

Kiss live USA

Live in globen

Live in rotterdam

Rock the nation 2004 world tour

Setting utrecht on fire

The kiss kollektion vol. 6

The lost solo treasures


Watching us

World tour 1984

2nd night in gothenburg

Gladiators of rock n roll

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